Baby Massage


Baby Massage is a wonderful art of nurturing that encourages loving communication between parents, carers and their babies. It encourages positive physical contact, bonding and stimulation of a baby’s development.

Touch is the first form of communication a baby receives. In the womb the sensations felt are warm and soothing, baby feels safe. By positive touch straight from birth we as parents and carers can continue to help baby feel calm, loved, warm and safe.

The benefits of Baby Massage

baby_massage_2Benefits for Baby
Baby Massage helps to relax and calm baby, it helps to develop the Digestive, Nervous and Immune systems which are not fully mature at birth. It helps to encourage muscular co-ordination and joint flexibility, it encourages faster weight gain and massage produces Oxytocin (a feel good hormone) within you and baby which encourages bonding.

It helps to relieve symptoms from:

  • Colic
  • Wind
  • Constipation
  • Teething pain
  • Nasal & Chest congestion

Benefits for parent/carer

  • It Deepens and strengthens the bonding, attachment process.
  • It helps to understand and learn about baby’s needs and desires.
  • Builds confidence and helps to relax you.
  • It helps to release the secretion of Prolactin essential for milk production if Breast feeding.
  • It Provides quality fun time with your baby.

Baby Massage Colchester

baby_masage_1I offer 1-1 sessions, groups of friends and workshops.

Sessions also include some gentle Baby Yoga to help with Digestion and to stretch and strengthen the arms and legs. We also cover different winding and settling techniques and everything you need to know to nurture your little one in those first few weeks and months.

Sessions are baby led so if baby needs feeding or changing just go ahead. Baby may decide they fancy a sleep or just aren’t in the mood for massage. Let them sleep, settle them and if they still aren’t in the mood for massage you can use my spare demonstration doll or cuddle your baby whilst watching me. There will be plenty of time for you to practice with your baby when they are in the best mood to receive a massage at another time.

Baby Massage is best learnt for babies from around 4 weeks of age right up until they start crawling and babies must be fit and well. If baby needs help with Colic or settling before 4 weeks you can book  a specific Colic Support session with me. If they have had immunisations please leave 48 hours to make sure baby does not react to them. If baby has a condition or a special need we will need GP consent before the session, please inform me beforehand so we can adjust the routine accordingly for you.

All sessions include a bottle of Organic oil and a guide for you to keep and last for around 90 minutes.


1-1 sessions £55.00

 Groups of friends £20.00 per parent and baby

Workshops £20.00

 PLEASE BOOK HERE:   Online booking is now available via this link

Venue and Directions:

Workshops : St Teresa’s Hall 16 Clairmont Road Colchester CO3 9BE.

The Hall is on the left hand side on Clairmont Road before the church down the small road to St Teresas School. The  White entrance doors are on the right as you walk down towards the school gates. Please park on Clairmont Road or at the park at the end of Clairmont Road.


The Baby Studio (Held within my house) 1-1 sessions and groups of friends.

6 Clairmont Road Lexden Colchester  CO3 9BE.  Please park on the road or at the Park Car park at the end of the road.



Please call or email Sarah to check availability for workshops.



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After attending the baby massage taster session this morning I got home a booked a 4 week course straight away. I was nervous about going as it was the first thing I’ve done with the baby since she’s been born. The atmosphere was so relaxed and lovely.
Sarah was an excellent instructor and put my mind at ease as soon as I arrived.
I’m really excited to do the course now.

I started baby massage with my baby girl at 6 weeks because she was clearly in a lot of pain passing wind and would be out of sorts for at least 12hours before opening her bowels every 3-4 days at best (despite exclusive breastfeeding). Sarah included the tummy in the first lesson because of her symptoms and within a couple of days she was improved. She loves her massage and as if proof of it’s benefits, when I took a break for 2 days after her first imms (as advised by Sarah) she reverted back. After a day of frequent massage by daddy and I she opened her bowels 8 times in 48hrs and was no longer in pain. Hooray! Sarah is professional and creates a friendly environment to learn this fabulous skill.

I have just finished a 4 week massage course and really enjoyed it. My little boy even moans at me when I stop. Thank you so much for giving us some lovely quality time together

We really enjoyed Baby Yoga so much that we have signed up for another course. It combines yoga and massage. Erica loves the songs and watching me warm up – she has started to copy me! It’s great fun and the handout makes it easy to do at home.

Evie loved our one to one baby massage session! I thank you Sarah for being so kind, professional and amazing

Just finished a course of Baby Massage (I also attended a workshop). This is a 5* course and highly recommend everyone books on before their baby starts crawling. Sarah is lovely and makes the group atmosphere so relaxed with calm instrumental music, different techniques to help different stages of bubbas development from colic to teething. The location is great and lovely and warm with lots of parking making it stress free to get to. Classes are a good size not big at all. I cannot praise Sarah enough it’s a lovely lovely class! Plus you get a biscuit and juice with group chat after each class . Thank you, bubba and I loved every class which we now practise at home! Thank you again Sarah xx


Sarah Jane Sexton ITEC DIP L3 MFHT

Colchester Essex
Tel: 07788983132


baby massage

baby massage with other mums group of mums at baby massage baby massage on mats

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