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Pregnant Lady


  •  One hour Pregnancy Massage designed to relax the body & mind whilst treating aches & pains & helping to relieve fluid retention £40
  •  Course of six one hour Pregnancy Massages to enjoy throughout your entire pregnancy £180



  • One hour deeply relaxing Postnatal Massage helping to balance the body and mind after birth and a one to one Baby Massage session at home £75
  • One hour relaxing Postnatal Massage helping to balance the body and mind after birth £40

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  • A one hour Deep Tissue Massage targeted to relieve pain and tension caused by stress or injury £40

    * One hour Deep Tissue Massage £40
    * One hour Therapeutic Massage £40
    * One hour Therapeutic Massage & Manicure £55

    *Course of six one hour Massage treatments £180
    * A 30 minute chair massage Back, Neck & Shoulders Fully Clothed £25

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    Tel: 07788983132



back pain
Neck pain

Deep Tissue Massage

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Powerful Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy techniques are used to help relieve pain in Soft Tissue across the body.

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legpull massage

Deep Tissue Massage helps to relieve : Sciatica, Trapped Nerves, Shoulder and Neck pain, Chronic Pain, and Tight, sore muscles. It is essential after any injury or trauma to help the body recover.

Therapeutic Massage

holisitic Holistic Therapeutic Massage is a de-stressing, calming treatment which will leave you feeling totally relaxed physically and mentally and will re-energise the whole body and mind. Find our more about the benefits of Therapeutic Massage >>

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Therapeutic Massage helps :   Promote better sleep, lowers blood pressure and relaxes the nervous system.

Bump & Beyond

Pregnant Lady
Pregnancy Massage and Pregnancy Wellbeing Therapy supporting you through this very special time...

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Baby Massage & Baby Yoga classes, 1-1 and groups of friends

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