Here are just a few comments from our satisfied customers….

“I had the most relaxing massage i have ever had. I left feeling much less stressed and the pain in my shoulder had completely gone. I highly recommend iMassage the girls put me at ease and are very friendly too!”

“I had Deep Tissue Massage which really helped my painful neck. I had a course of 5 treatments which released the pain and now i have a therapeutic Massage once a month to keep the stresses and strains at bay. I highly recommend iMassage, they are very professional.”

“Had the BEST massage today, courtesy of the wonderful Sarah at iMassage! Fully refreshed and relaxed!  Thank you”

“Dear readers, fans and curious ones… :)

Ever since the iMassage page popped up in my newsfeed  I have been more than tempted to take the plunge as I have never had a professional massage.. I thought it would be scary, embarrassing, weird, strange etc. Basically, I was a chicken!

Tuesday gone I braved it..I took the plunge. I thought it is now or never. Well..what are my thoughts?

Firstly, Sarah makes you feel so comfortable its like you have known her for years..ok, I kind of knew her a little beforehand but still..very welcoming, very relaxed and calm and a listener.

She is very accommodating by asking you exactly what you would like done and also, what you would not like done. A very tailored to suit experience!! I could not have asked for more from a professional masseuse.

Secondly, the whole atmosphere is perfect. Its as private as private gets, clean, tidy and perfectly lit for the occasion. You really feel at home and not in a clinical setting.

Finally..was it worth it? Oh yes, in every single way. I am putting down as one of the most enjoyable experiences ever and moreover it does what it says on the bottle. I felt like a re-oiled car the next day.. You will be amazed at what annoying physical pains a massage can take away..especially an iMassage massage!

I am determined to be able to do this again, once you have started you dont want to stop. If it wasnt for my abismal finances I would have booked ahead there and then!

Please go and have this experience. You wont regret it unless for reasons you should not have been doing it in the first place anyway!

Out of 10? A big fat 11! 😉 x x x x x”



back pain
Neck pain

Deep Tissue Massage

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Powerful Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy techniques are used to help relieve pain in Soft Tissue across the body.

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legpull massage

Deep Tissue Massage helps to relieve : Sciatica, Trapped Nerves, Shoulder and Neck pain, Chronic Pain, and Tight, sore muscles. It is essential after any injury or trauma to help the body recover.

Therapeutic Massage

holisitic Holistic Therapeutic Massage is a de-stressing, calming treatment which will leave the client feeling totally relaxed physically and mentally and will re-energise the whole body and mind. Find our more about the benefits of Therapeutic Massage >>

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Therapeutic Massage helps :   Promote better sleep, lowers blood pressure and relaxes the nervous system.

Bump & Beyond

Pregnant Lady
Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful relaxing treatment. It can help relieve Tension & anxiety, Back pain, Leg aches and much more.

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Baby Massage & Baby Yoga are wonderful arts of nurturing.

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