Are you feeling overwhelmed? I sure am!

It’s 9pm Tuesday night and boy am I feeling overwhelmed.

Not all days are like today as I’m pretty good now at time management and making sure my days are not so busy but I must have had brain freeze when booking clients in as I overbooked myself today leaving me rushing from pillar to post and why now I feel completely overwhelmed.

I’m a busy working mum juggling home life , studying and running my own business. I am very organised and have always been the one in our household to take care of everything. This is in my make up to want to organise, take charge get things done and I know I wouldn’t have it any other way but some days I wish someone else would take charge so I could sit back and take a rest. Just for a bit.

I keep a diary, write lists and delegate jobs at home. I have a cleaner now, which I would really recommend to ease the burden, but still occasionally I have days when I feel overwhelmed.

My youngest 4 year old son asks constantly for a drink, a snack, for me to watch him playing. My eldest 18 year old son moans as to why I won’t iron his shirts any more. “Because Bobby you are an adult now who needs to learn how to wash and iron clothes and generally take care of yourself ! “

Today my day was non stop from 7.30am to 9pm. Take my son to nursery, do the shopping, work all day, fill the car up with petrol, pick my son up from nursery, cook dinner, put son to bed, read story have a shower, tidy up house and flop at 9pm in a real overtired grump.

Don’t get me wrong I do have a very supportive partner who does his share of everything but his working hours means he cannot do the endless chores that need doing during the week.

As I have said on the whole I am great at planning my days but I’m only human and sometimes all the planning and organising in the world can go to pot and as busy working parents we can so easily become overwhelmed.

So today I am reaching out to all of you who can sometimes feel a feeling of complete and utter exhaustion, wondering are you ever going to have time and energy ever again, we are only human and we are doing our best. Give yourselves a big fat giant pat on the back for without you your family would not know what do do, what time it is or where anything is!

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes this is normal, it’s life. It’s when we feel like this regularly that we need to find ways to implement positive change into our lives to create a healthy balance.

I have some great tips that can help:

  1. Use positive affirmations daily to motivate yourself and build confidence. I can do this! I’ve got this
  2. Prioritise. Writing down a list of chores is very important as it gets it out of our heads down on paper leaving us feeling less stressed already. Prioritise the list by numbering them 1 being urgent to say 10 can wait a few days. Affirm to yourself you can do it ?
  3. Delegate. Hold a house hold meeting (more so for older children but even younger children love being given a little responsibility) Explain the importance of team work and that everyone can pick a job to do to help around the house.
  4. Keep a diary or write in your calendar so you can manage your time well and you won’t forget anything !
  5. Take time to relax and unwind. Meditate, book a massage, take up yoga or enjoy time out with friends. This time is super important for your overall wellbeing so this needs to be a top priority no excuses. Book it in now !
  6. Congratulate yourself on what you have achieved and don’t berate yourself on what you haven’t.
  7. Talk to your partner, friends and family tell them how you feel, if you need extra support, ask them for help.
  8. Live in the present moment, breath, be grateful for everything you have in your life. Feel excited and dream about your future focusing on what you love and enjoy.

We all get stressed and feel overwhelmed at times. When you notice yourself beginning to feel it….


breathe deeply

tell yourself you’ve got it covered


and crack on,  you can do it ?

Sarah X